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No Parabens ● No Lanolin ● No Gluten ● No SLS ● No Animal Testing

"I am always searching for the perfect body moisturizer, not too sticky, not too thick and with minimal scent. I couldn't be happier with my new find. Theraplex ClearLotion. I have taken your suggestion and apply through a spray bottle, I love it either way! Thanks."

—Studio City, CA

"I just wanted to write to say how much your product has saved me!!! After I had my son, I got eczema on my hands and wrists and I tried every drugstore lotion I could find and none of them worked. They all made my hands react. A nurse told me about your product and I was willing to try anything at this point. I ordered it around Christmas time and have been using it daily ever since! I especially like the HydroLotion. I can't believe how well this healed my hands. They were in really bad shape. I have told over 15 people about your product and I know at least half are already using it or in the ordering process! Just wanted to let you know how much I love your product. Thanks so much again, your product has saved my life from embarrassing cracked and blistered skin and even got rid of my son’s back eczema. I could not be happier!"

—Vancouver, MA

“Theraplex is the only moisturizer we’ve found that combines cosmetic acceptability with freedom from surfactants. Our first choice for retinoid users, patients with eczema or xerosis, or anyone with sensitive skin.”  

I am so excited by your Theraplex Emollient. It has truly changed our lives. My three year old daughter has severe eczema that has been unresponsive to numerous products we have tried; I do not think I would be exaggerating if I said in excess of one hundred.

She had never slept more than three consecutive hours since she was three months old (when the eczema started). We struggled daily with this life consuming problem. It was so painful to watch her and not be able to help her. I had to sew up the hands on all of her pajamas so she couldn't hurt herself during the night. I think I saw about ten different physicians including pediatricians, allergists, dermatologists, and anyone else that would listen! Anyway, her routine was to have rub downs every morning and evening minimally, using steroids and predominately Vaseline for moisturization. It helped slightly but eczema continued to control our lives.

Then, one day my sister came from Prescott, AZ and brought the Theraplex line with her. Having become cynical after trying so many products unsuccessfully and spending thousands of dollars, I agreed to try the products dubiously. My sister had used the products and said they were the best she had ever used for dry skin. I didn't waste much time with the oil or the lotion and immediately starting using the emollient generously to her entire body. Within days, I noticed her skin was soft for the first time. I also noticed that she was scratching less but I was hesitant to get excited. 

I had seen her have brief periods of remission in the past. I was even reluctant to tell my sister how well my daughter was doing for fear that I would jinx it. 

As days passed, it became obvious to me and everyone else that knew her that there was a definite change in her skin and her scratching habits. She was becoming a new child; she was actually sleeping, gaining weight, healing old wounds and thriving. 

Six months later, I can now say, with complete confidence and joy, that I have a new child. I have been able to decrease all her oral and topical medications as her improvement continues. My family can sleep through the night and enjoy our daughter in a way we had never been able to before.

I am a nurse in an ambulatory care setting and have been able to share your product with several other people struggling with eczema. A physician I work with started using the product on her six month old baby and has had the same success. We are telling all of the pediatricians we know about Theraplex in hopes that other parents can be saved the same way.

Thank you."

—San Juan Capistrano, CA

“The Theraplex family has clearly proven to be one of the most effective moisturizing product lines available today. In Arizona’s arid climate, those with dry skin conditions suffer year round and more severely than those living in other parts of the country.  I have not found anything that works as well as Theraplex to alleviate the itching and other symptoms associated with dry skin.”

—Howard Luber, M.D. – Scottsdale, Arizona

"My son has used Theraplex Emollient for the past 16 years. It's a great product! We have tried many other creams and lotions and have not had the results Theraplex Emollient has had on his eczema."

—Champlin, MN

“I’ve been in practice for 25 years and handed out hundreds of different moisturizer samples to my patients. Their response to Theraplex has been remarkable. For the first time, after sampling Theraplex Emollient and Theraplex FT, I’ve actually had patients call to ask me to dispense the line. They love it. Theraplex is an outstanding treatment for dry callused feet and fissured heels!”

—Dan Davis, DPM – Bridgeport, CT

"I am ninety three years old and have been an outdoors man all my life; forty five of those years I spent as a charter boat Captain in Key Largo, Florida, where I took my customers to fish and enjoy the scenery on the Atlantic Ocean and the back-country of the Everglades National Park.. Due to my exposure to the sun's merciless rays, my skin was severely damaged by the ultraviolet radiation and I developed squamous cell carcinoma; a type of skin cancer. I have been taking treatments, from a dermatologist for the malignancy, but still suffering from itching skin inflammation and dry crusted lesions. Fortunately, my daughter Patti Mizrahi, who is a esthetician brought me a bottle of Theraplex Clear Lotion and to my amazement, the skin dryness disappeared and my skin regained its moisture!"

—Homestead, FL

"I used Theraplex Emollient to successfully treat a severe skin condition. My physician had prescribed corticosteroids to cure a particular neurologic problem and they caused the skin on my hands to crack and bleed.

My wife and I are both registered pharmacists, so we are quite familiar with both prescription and over-the-counter medications used to treat such conditions. While I applied several such items, none provided any relief. A friend recommended your company’s product, Theraplex Emollient, and I noticed immediate benefits. It clearly helped heal the cracking and bleeding. I have since recommended it to several other people, who have enjoyed similar results.

Thank you for this wonderfully formulated product."

—Memphis, TN

"I suffer from what is called nummular dermatitis, and in seeking relief, have been run through a number of steroid creams, hydrophilic ointments and coal tar formulations (plus OTC lotions like Curel) over the years, basically to no avail.  I was recently advised by my current dermatologist to try Theraplex to reduce itching and swelling.  Costco sells the Emollient, which I bought and used.  It's not greasy, is easy to apply.  Within a few days of application, the symptoms disappeared, without the use of steroid ointments.  I figure I can use it periodically to suppress dermatitis symptoms.   The dermatologist says the Emollient forms a barrier that prevents the skin drying out, at least in my case, and says further that I don't need to use steroid ointments any more."

—Darien, Connecticut

“Theraplex is the only moisturizer we’ve found that combines cosmetic acceptability with freedom from surfactants. Our first choice for retinoid users, patients with eczema or xerosis, or anyone with sensitive skin.”

—James Herndon, M.D. – Dallas, Texas

“Thank you for your awesome product and service! I love the new plastic jars. I find them much easier to use and better for travel than the metal tubes. As a percussionist, my hands endure a lot of punishment. Without Theraplex my hands would crack and I’d have to tape them up just to be able to work. In cold climates, it’s an absolute necessity. This is the best product, by far I've tried and is such a great value.”

—Los Angeles, CA

"I have had severe eczema my whole life (21 years). When I was younger a dermatologist recommended the Theraplex Emollient as a daily moisturizer in addition to my prescription cream. However, after about 10 years every local pharmacy stopped carrying it. I am so happy to have found your website and Theraplex again. I love how moisturizing it is without being greasy. Nothing else I have tried has given me the fantastic results that I got while using Theraplex. Thank you so much for this wonderful product. It is the best of the best."

—College Park, MD

"My son, who is 7, has a severe skin problem, related to Ichthyosis. He requires his entire body to be hydrated multiple times per day. We came across your Theraplex lotion a couple of years ago, after trying many other products. Theraplex has done wonders for keeping his issue manageable"

—Houston, TX

"I have been using Theraplex products for than ten years, as a therapeutic treatment for psoriasis. A physician recommended Theraplex to me for the treatment of psoriasis. Over the years, Theraplex has been one of the few products, which has been consistently therapeutically useful in the management of my psoriasis and dry skin.

My daughter who is a lifeguard and a swim instructor loves the Theraplex ClearLotion to restore moisture, softness and natural luster to her skin following repeated exposure to chlorinated water and sun. Her friends love to “borrow” her Theraplex ClearLotion to moisturize their legs after shaving.

Theraplex ClearLotion is a wonderful adjunct to prescription psoriasis treatments. Physicians constantly admonish patients about the overuse of topical steroids to manage psoriasis. Theraplex helps me to reduce the frequency with which I need to apply steroids to manage my condition. Psoriasis medications are very expensive. With Theraplex, my medications last longer and thus cost me less money. My doctor is happy because I get the same results using fewer steroids.

Theraplex is cosmetically elegant. It has no fragrance to irritate my skin, or interfere with any scented products I may chose to use. Thanks for making such a great product."

—Warren, NJ

“I’ve been dispensing Theraplex Emollient and Theraplex FT in my practice for more than a year. Both products are highly effective in treating dry, cracked heels, fissures of the skin and are excellent overall foot moisturizers. Both products have been well tolerated and well accepted by my patients.”

—Eric Hubbard, DPM - Long Beach, CA

"I am a patient that receives phototherapy for treatment for my psoriasis. A wonderful nurse provided me with Theraplex samples. I knew within a few applications that the product was fantastic and eventually ordered more from your website.

I can tell you from years of experience that neither prescription meds (steroid ones included) nor over-the-counter options have ever done much of anything for me beyond short term, immediate relief. Since I started using Theraplex, the improvements of my skin have been very real and very observable! Some patches that have been there for years have all but disappeared. I am certain that timing is not involved as I have been swamped and stressed - typically a time when psoriasis gets worse.

I wanted to take a minute to thank you for the products and to share my experience."

—Brooklyn, NY

"After struggling with eczema for many years, I have been thrilled to find a gentle emollient that not only nourishes my son's skin, but that HE will even willingly apply to himself.  We have had many bad experiences with creams and lotions that irritate his skin, so we were thrilled to find that Theraplex was gentle enough for a boy with sensitivities."

—Casper, Wyoming