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Could these red patches on my child’s skin be Eczema?

It could be eczema. We are going to help you figure out what the red patches on your child's skin might be by looking at:

  • where they are?
  • what do they look like?
  • what are your child’s symptoms?
  • how severe are the symptoms?
  • what can I do now to help my child?

Only a doctor can diagnose eczema, but we can help you get a better understanding of your child's condition, if it could be eczema, and what you can do now for your child while you wait for your appointment.

Where is your child’s irritation located?

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What to do next

If your child exhibits one or more of the symptoms described with some degree of severity, you need to see a doctor

Only a doctor can diagnose eczema. If you’ve identified eczema symptoms based on this Q&A, your child may have eczema.
We recommend scheduling an appointment with your dermatologist. If you don’t have one, click here to Find a Dermatologist.

In the meantime…

We’ve put together a guide to help you manage your child’s symptoms and tips to prepare for your doctor’s appointment.