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No Parabens ● No Lanolin ● No Gluten ● No SLS ● No Animal Testing

Cold Comforts

Posted on November 12th, 2013


You know winter is near when suddenly your scalp starts to itch, your knuckles turn red, or your skin simply refuses to retain an ounce of moisture. With each change in the season, comes a new set of challenges. Winter brings frigid temps, blustering winds and dry air (outside and inside blasting from the furnace) which can cause cracking, itching and redness. The key is knowing how to transition your skin care routine to adapt to your new environment so that you can prepare your skin for the worst, and still look your best, of course. Theraplex moisturizers offer soothing comfort to itchy, dry, flaky skin caused by cold weather.



Even those with oily or normal skin tend to get hyper-sensitive to dryness in wintertime. And if you’re dealing with blemish-prone skin on top of that, it can be a real nightmare trying to balance maximum hydration without clogging pores. A soapless creme wash, like Theraplex Clean ‘N Treat Alpha/Beta Exfoliating Cleanser, gently exfoliates with glycolic, lactic, and salicylic acids and won’t dry out skin. After cleansing, try a daily moisturizer that’s non-irritating and noncomedogenic, like Theraplex HydroLotion, a unique “water-in-oil” emulsion that is delicate enough for the face yet hydrating enough to use all over.



Proper skin care starts in the shower. Most derms agree that avoiding the urge to soak in hot water for hours will help prevent your skin from being sapped of valuable moisture. Instead, short, warm showers or baths are the best option, and when you get out, apply Theraplex ClearLotion to damp skin and gently pat dry with a towel. This fast penetrating oil moisturizer is perfect for slathering on post-bathing. (Try the convenient mini sprays when traveling or for a quick re-application on the go.) For areas which are extremely dry and chapped, Theraplex Emollient and NEW Theraplex Barrier Balm deliver moisture to parched skin with a highly concentrated petrolatum that penetrates deep into cracks and fissures of the skin.



Theraplex Ultra and Theraplex FT (an exfoliating emollient now available with peppermint) tackle the areas that deal with constant moisture loss—hands and feet. Theraplex Ultra, while strong enough to moisturize and sooth serious skin conditions like eczema, psoriasis, and xerosis, is equally effective at providing much needed moisture and protection to chapped knuckles and dry cuticles. Rough, calloused feet find relief with Theraplex FT.  This salicylic acid-enhanced formula exfoliates dry, flaky skin and restores optimum moisture. 


Happy Winter, indeed!


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