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Happy Feet: Theraplex FT With Peppermint- By Ana Dragovic

Posted on July 19th, 2013

How well do you treat your feet? Even those who are privy to weekly spa pedicures would likely say not well enough. When I think about my feet, I feel sorry for them, especially during summertime. It may be counterintuitive, since summer conjures images of feet finally freed from the confines of wool socks and heavy boots. But I think of these cozy cold weather accessories as prime protection, whereas summer’s open-toe agenda invites all sorts of damage.


During the summer, I run and bike outdoors. When my feet aren’t smashed inside my cross trainers by day, they are arched at a steep incline in strappy sandals by night. (Did I mention I had eight weddings this summer, including my own? That's a lot of hours in stilettos.) Otherwise, I pretty much go barefoot: on hardwood floors around the house, through grass and dirt in the backyard, and, if I’m lucky, a nice chlorine soak in the pool. Needless to say, halfway through summer my feet could really use some TLC. 


In between professional pedicures, Theraplex FT with Peppermint is my new go-to remedy. At bedtime I quickly slather it on the tops and bottoms of my feet. The main ingredient is a highly refined petrolatum from Europe (unlike any other US petrolatum products). Petrolatum is really the best thing out there to combat severely dry skin (ask any derm!). The other part of this dual-action formula is salicylic acid, which smoothes rough spots and calluses, exfoliating all those dead skin cells. Even though petrolatum has a bad rap for its icky greasy feel, this formula absorbs quickly, so I can skip the cotton socks ordeal and still feel like the product is working to full effect. Even better, I don’t have to wipe it off my hands. I just rub any excess on my elbows and knees. And it smells good, too (mmm, peppermint). In the morning -- softness! 

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