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Holiday Skin

Posted on December 18th, 2013

What's on everyone's Holiday wish list? Great skin, of course.

Nothing gets me in the holiday spirit like the first snow fall. Granted, in Michigan that could happen well before Halloween, but this year we’ve had a true fall season and it wasn’t until mid-November when the first fluffy stuff fell. (OK, to be honest it was more like wet slush, but nonetheless, it got me in holiday mood!) It also got me thinking about my skin. It’s amazing how dramatically it’s changed since a few months—even weeks—ago. Switching from hot and humid, to mild and dry, to car-door-frosted-shut cold and cracked-knuckles-on-the-verge-of-bleeding dry, takes a toll on skin, and it’s generally a good idea to adapt our skin care routine to the changing climate. This is especially important to consider as the holidays approach and many folks are traveling to and from different climates. Wherever you’re going—sub-zero and dry or hot and tropical—if it’s a change from what you’re used to, your skin is going to react. Being prepared is the key.

Many people head to the mountains to enjoy a white Christmas skiing. The transition from the cool, crisp snow to the warmth of the fire can leave skin parched. An oil moisturizer, like ClearLotion, will help to replenish and protect dry skin. The mini spray makes it convenient for travel. The wind from the slopes can leave skin chapped. To help prevent chapping, use Barrier Balm to protect skin from the wind and elements (but not the sun). Barrier Balm can also help revive chapped hands and dry, cracked feet.


While many are dreaming of a white Christmas, others are dreaming of sandy shores and tropical waters. A good moisturizer is just as important here. Theraplex HydroLotion is a light lotion moisturizer for daily skin maintenance. This all-in-one product can be used on the face or body and is available in a travel size for the Holidays. And for those of you fortunate enough to have a bright, Hawaiian holiday, sun protection is a must. Theraesthetics Natural Mineral Sunscreen has you covered.


Wherever you spend your Holidays, may they be merry and bright! 


From all of us at the Theraplex Family --- Happy Holidays!

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