Perhaps the most important attribute of Theraplex products is their ability to provide superior moisturization and barrier protection in very basic formulations. Our clean, simple approach to skin hydration and protection makes our products perfect for any skin type. 

Almost as important as what is in Theraplex products is what is not in them. We know that fewer and smarter ingredients reduce the chance of skin irritation and allergic reaction. Designed for sensitive skin, Theraplex products utilize simple formulas which do not contain added ingredients.

For example, Theraplex Emollient and Theraplex Barrier Balm contain only three ingredients: Special Petrolatum Fraction, Cyclomethicone and Microcrystalline wax. There are no added ingredients or preservatives which can potentially irritate sensitive skin or compromise other therapeutic treatments.

Always pure, never contains

  • Hypoallergenic

  • Noncomedogenic

  • Free of Preservatives

  • Free of Parabens

  • Free of Fragrances

  • Free of Lanolins

  • Free of Phthalates

  • Not Tested On Animals